Transformational Tools for Daily Use

These tools have been always with you.

Start your day with a statement below, so you would know that this is the way your day would go. Your day will have synchronicity, flow, abundance, generosity, and success. This single statement sets up your entire day.

Your entire day would run from that truth formulated on your soul level. You don’t need to use exactly these words but you are making a conscious choice from your free will on how you choose the quality of your life. From that statement you will name your world knowing that all the molecules in existence of your Universe in your world have to be organized and orchestrated to only deliver that singular reality in your life.

“I choose to be happy with me.

I am willing to live in joy.

I can and I will choose to be happy with myself today.

I trust myself”

You then start working with most powerful  universal law-the law of attraction.