Stargate-opening a door to other dimensions!

 Have you experienced Stargate? I am not talking about movies or TV series. I am talking about energetic Stargate that moves you beyond the 3rd dimension. First time I saw the Stargate at the Lemurian Choir gathering in December 2012 in Maui, I did not take it seriously and I passed it by. In two…

Code for Not Reacting

Are you finding it difficult to not react to what’s going on around you these days, from political events to the mass and social media? We are being bombarded daily by messages that are designed to trigger a reaction in us and in this digital age it is almost impossible to stay away.

On a more personal level, how many times in your life did you have a situation when you reacted to someone’s emotional outburst, stress/anger and behaved the way you regretted you did? When you react, you are responding to the conditions and triggers, without taking the time to listen to yourself and be true to yourself. Instead of acting out of your own place of integrity and inner truth, you are re-acting, something we usually end up regretting later on.

Emotion of Devotion

..Or why you would want to invest in yourself daily. Have you ever been frustrated that you have all that is supposed to bring happiness in your life: good job, money, family, children, but there is still something missing, something very important but you don’t know what it is? Have you asked yourself a question: is…

Meditation Altar

One of the ways to enhance your sacred space for meditation is to create a personal altar, somewhere to sit with yourself and reflect upon your personal and spiritual goals and beliefs. It can be large or small, set up in the corner or a small section of the room, in the garden, or any other special…

Creating a Sacred Space

Where to start creating devotion to meditations? It starts from finding a very special place INSIDE yourself in your heart and filling the space with joy, love, light, desire for adventure of finding who you really are and connecting to your soul, spirit, the Universe and the Creator. Fill it with the the sacredness of the meditation!
If you believe in angelic guidance, you might like to create your personal Pyramid of Light (Pyramid of Power) and manifesting it in 5th dimension.

Inviting the Four Elements

Through meditation we are trying to achieve balance. Balance in the mind, between the right and left brain activity, balance in our emotions, balance in our physical body. The four elements represent a very nice reminder of this and are very easy to incorporate into your every day life. If you already have a preferred…