Home Blessed Home

Do you want to live in a place where you and your soul feel at home, where you feel like your home hugs you as if your best friend every time you step in through the door? You are capable to change the energy of the place you live in. I am sharing two ways…

Code for Not Reacting

Are you finding it difficult to not react to what’s going on around you these days, from political events to the mass and social media? We are being bombarded daily by messages that are designed to trigger a reaction in us and in this digital age it is almost impossible to stay away.

On a more personal level, how many times in your life did you have a situation when you reacted to someone’s emotional outburst, stress/anger and behaved the way you regretted you did? When you react, you are responding to the conditions and triggers, without taking the time to listen to yourself and be true to yourself. Instead of acting out of your own place of integrity and inner truth, you are re-acting, something we usually end up regretting later on.

Angelic Numerical Codes

First time I was introduced to angelic numerical codes was by my massage therapist 10 years ago. She shared with me several codes given by Archangel Haniel, transmitted by Memra (Audrey Cole).  I had never heard anything about this archangel and angelic codes, but when I tried them, I understood how unique and powerful they are….