Silent Path-Part III

When you have all the energy flowing, as was described in Part II, you are most likely at the still point, in a very peaceful state; you do not want to move at all and enjoy every breath filled with wonderful energy. Is there anything else to do? Consider the options below.

1. Infinite Breathing: do the infinite breathing technique fro a couple minutes. The technique was given by Archangel Michael, transmitted by Ronna Herman. You can find the description in her books or on her website


It is truly amazing exercise and I would strongly recommend to try it at least for a couple weeks to see the effect on the mind and body. 

2.Opening up to communication with the angelic realm: if you want to go deeper inside yourself and connect to your soul and spirit, to the Universe and Creator, you can do it by saying silently all or some of the statements below or choose your own words:

– I go inside and find my true home
– I go inside and connect to my soul… I am one with my soul
– I go inside and connect to my spirit…I am one with my spirit
– i go inside and connect to the Creator/ Source/ God…. I am one with the Creator

Say the statements very slow, use your own words that have meaning for you, and breathe between the statements, feeling the energy change.

3. And the last: finishing meditation. Do not rush yourself out of the peaceful and tranquil state. Take several deep breaths.and say a prayer. If you need to finish the meditation at a particular time, put some gentle alarm (generally I rely on my intuition when it is time to finish).

It looks like it takes long time to do all the steps, but

the miracles of the routine is: the more you do it, the less time it takes for each step!

Now you have  an idea how to create your own path to the silence deep within, a pathway to the divinity inside you!

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