Silent Path-Part II

In  Part I I’ve covered the initial steps one must take prior to working with Merkabah, or the energetic field. To quiet your mind, say outloud at least 3 times another vibration code:

5 – 5,5- 5,1 (you can read more in-depth regarding Angelic Codes here)

Take a couple breaths then say the code again. You will notice how you mind start calming down and slowing thinking process.

Now, go into silence.

1. If you created a Personal Pyramid of Light, as was suggested in this message, envision or feel or say silently that you are entering it. Take a little time to see or feel that you are sitting inside the pyramid, feel the protection and the energy  all around you.

Option: look at or imagine a candle flame, then envision the warm golden light penetrating  your third eye point (forehead) and flowing down to your heart. Feel /see the light and the warmth in your heart centre and how this light is expanding through your body and  beyond. Feel yourself enveloped in this light, circulating through your body and out into the Universe.

2. Silently, ask Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel to bring their energy presence in the Pyramid of Light. Feel or envision how the energy is filling the space and creating protective and loving energy cocoon around you. Say thanks for the energy.

3. Silently, ask Mother Earth, Gaia, to fill your physical body and your energetic bodies with her mother energy. Envision or feel as energy starts flowing from your feet up and expanding. You might ask to make the energy flow stronger. Say thanks for the energy.

4. Silently, ask the Universe to fill your upper chakras, your crown chakra, you physical and energetic bodies with the Divine White Light. Feel or envision as the white light coming through your head down. If you want, you might ask to make the energy flow stronger. Say thanks for the energy.

5. Silently, ask the Spirit to bring its energy presence into your physical and energetic bodies. If you want, you might ask to make the energy presence stronger. Say thanks for the energy.

Now, you have all the energy flowing and you are probably in a very peaceful state.

You are now ready to proceed to the Still Point state, described in the Part III.