Silent Path-Part I

There are lots of websites about guided and silent meditations, but here I would like to share the routine I have created for several for me to get faster into silence of mind and stillness. As I said earlier, I have very strong analytic mind, so believe me it has been long way to come to the blissfulness and tranquility of the silent meditation. In my general life I hate routine and prefer spontaneous life but I found that a mediation routine makes ”fast track” to go deep within yourself.

So here are steps of my personal path to a silent mind, which I do every day. If you just started doing mediation practice or even if have been doing it for some time, you might try some or all of them to see if it works for you.

  1. Sit very comfortably in what you choose to sit and relax you body. If you sit in a chair, make sure that your feet touch the floor (if necessary, put a cushion under the feet). Check out the post regarding proper sitting position here.
  1. Open your meditation practice by saying out loud (does not mean it should be loud) a short affirmation or mantra, or just sing OM. Do it 3 times. If you do it every time, you will notice in a couple of weeks as your body and mind start reacting to this as a signal to relax and become more peaceful.
  1. To feel safe, protected and grounded say out loud at least 3 times a special vibration code 3 – 23. By pronouncing the code, you will make the particular points in you energy field (Merkaba) to vibrate and create the energy shift around you. I’ve written more in detail regarding the grounding and protecting yourself here.

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