Life Force Energy

There are so many New Age books, websites, workshops talking about energy, but what are they really talking about? When you hear about energy blocks and flow, about raising or losing your energy, it means life force energy (or Chi or Qi energy). What is life force energy (LFE) and why do you need to know about it? If you are not already familiar with LFE and reading this post, it means you are ready to know about it.

In simple words, LFE is an Universal“energy pack” we come to this life with. This energy is an essence of our life, our heart beat, our communication between us and mother Earth and the Universe. As we move through life, we come to experience different feelings, emotions, situations, and we loose of gain the energy. Everything has an energy exchange element in it. So why do we need to be conscious about our life force energy loss? Because when you do not have LFE left, your heart will stop beating…

We leave behind our essence and energy attached to events, places, and people. And we draw other people’s energy too, especially from the people we love. Do you remember how you feel when you win an argument with your partner? Energized? However, soon the feeling goes away. Why? Because the energy you drew did not have your “energy imprint” on it and your body and soul recognized that and put the other’s energy into an “energy pack” called “to be returned”. 

How to gather your energy back to become stronger and closer to who we really are? How to return the energy that is not yours to others? Good news: in our New Age time, there are so many opportunities to do it! I am suggesting just few of them:

– Practice forgiveness (see the message here);

– Practice a  meditation to gather your LFE from your current life and all your previous lifetimes. If you do not know how to do it, you might try free meditations on the Internet, for example, Raising Your Life Force Energy meditations given by Archangel Haniel, given on the website

– If you practice shamanic work, you can go into shamanic journey and ask your power animal to deliver someone’s energy back to the person and bring your energy back from that person (a very useful exercise after a breakup with your significant other).

Essentially, our life force energy is our vitality, affecting our ability to go on with our daily life and, more importantly, manifest things into reality. When you realize that you are in charge of your life and your energy and become familiar with energy work, the possibilities are endless!

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