Blessing your Food

why? Because your body is a temple, in which your soul resides. Blessing anything you consume as food or drink increases its vibration, bringing it more in harmony with your body and your cells, allowing it to receive more nutrition and energy, rather than just “sustenance” or calories.

In this New Age time, it is probably time to look at the tradition of food blessing in another way: the energetic and vibrational. Since the new age is all about being conscious with regards to your energy field and everything that is around you, one of the most important things to watch for is your food. Here is a prayer that Archangel Haniel gave in her teaching (also available from the Wings Alive website):

My food is the food of God.
It is God’s body and it is what I take into me,
And it is perfect, whole and completely filled
With everything that nurtures my body.

Say the prayer with feeling that you own every word in it. Address the prayer to the God that is inside you.You can also add a code that blesses and increases vibration of every molecular of the food:

9 – 9 – 5

Place your right hand, palm down, above the food and saying each number outloud, while moving your palm in a clockwise circle over the plate/food. You can say the code as many times as you want to. It helps with not only with raising the vibration but also with changing the energy of any possible toxins and contaminants that they would not affect your body and your energy field (particularly useful if travelling in third world places).

This is a simple and easy way to be in charge of what you are putting into body, your temple, and maintaining a high vibration of existence in anything you do.

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