Home Blessed Home

Do you want to live in a place where you and your soul feel at home, where you feel like your home hugs you as if your best friend every time you step in through the door?

You are capable to change the energy of the place you live in. I am sharing two ways to do it (both based on Archangel Haniel teachings*).

I have already written about grounding and protection code 3 – 23 , which can not only change a person’s energy but also the energy of your living place. Write the code on small cards and put them around the house, under or behind the furniture. The code will build up the energy of enormous protection, safety and security of the place.

You can also add another code, which brings happiness, harmony and flow into your home:

1 – 12 – 22 – 12

pronunciation is: “one” pause “ twelve” pause “twenty-two” pause “twelve”; take few breaths between saying the code. You can say the code as may time as you want and when you want, or write the code on the same cards where you wrote 3 – 23 and place around the house.

Pay attention if you suddenly feel like you want to move the furniture around or get rid of some pieces from the house. It means that the new harmonious energy in your house needs you to rearrange the furniture in order to increase the energy flow and vibrations of the place. It is like introducing Feng Shui energy flow concepts to you home in an easy way. It is so simple but it truly works wonders!

Another way to increase vibrations of your home is to place an Angelic Home Blessing above the entrance. It brings blessings to your home, you and everyone who comes into your home . It also create a barrier from negative energy entering the place you live in. You can download the pdf of the symbol  from Audrey Cole’s website here.

Consider these approaches for your working place, business office, dance or yoga studio, etc. If you offer classes or workshops, say the code 1 – 12 – 22 -12 several times to change the energy of the place you are hosting the event. It would be easier for people to open up for the new experience and information.

Try it, share it, and let me know how you feel afterwards!

*all information shared here is with permission from Audrey Cole.

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