Code for Not Reacting

Are you finding it difficult to not react to what’s going on around you these days, from political events to the mass and social media? We are being bombarded daily by messages that are designed to trigger a reaction in us and in this digital age it is almost impossible to stay away.

On a more personal level, how many times in your life did you have a situation when you reacted to someone’s emotional outburst, stress/anger and behaved the way you regretted you did? When you react, you are responding to the conditions and triggers, without taking the time to listen to yourself and be true to yourself. Instead of acting out of your own place of integrity and inner truth, you are re-acting, something we usually end up regretting later on.

Personally, I am an emotional person and used to find myself in those situations a lot…until I listened to Archangel Haniel teaching (as in a recorded channelled message) and followed her simple technique. It has changed my life and I hope it will change yours.

The technique combines an affirmation and a code.

  • The affirmation gives you a great confidence and helps to build up your self-esteem.
  • Saying “I AM” places you in the core of creation, not I want/I believe/I would like to, etc. Only “I am” works!

I am the confidence of the creator

And non-reacting code helps you to stay peaceful in emotional or stressful situations and listen from the state of neutrality.

1 – 31 – 33 – 12

…pronounced as: “one” pause “thirty-one” pause “thirty-three” pause “twelve”

Start with saying the affirmation, then the code; repeat it 70 times and finish with affirmation; so in total you say the affirmation 71 times and the code 70 times.

How to count? You have 10 fingers, so after counting 10 times visualize 1, 2, 3…up to 7 in your mind’s eye. Another option: put seven objects on one side of you, and after each 10 times, move one object to another side; when all of the objects are placed on the other side, just say the affirmation one last time to seal the energy.

Say the affirmation with meaning, not just empty words; not trying to convince yourself but feeling it inside of yourself, connecting to your soul and your own essence. You can do it for one day or more, depending on how reactive you tend to be in your daily life. If you want a truly lasting habit change, 21 days is a recommended time.

This simple yet very powerful technique helps you remain peaceful in emotional/stressful situations and listen from the state of neutrality. It quiets down the part of your consciousness that becomes reactive, giving you time to go within and act from the truth of who you really are. So, next time you catch yourself wanting to say, respond, or act in a reactive manner, take a breath and say the code, along with the affirmation! You now have the tools to remain in your center and speak your truth without fear! 

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