Creating a box of Joy

 Do you know that joy is your birth right and that your purpose in life is to find joy and live in it?

One of the ways to help you live in joy is to create your personal Box of Joy*, where you can keep memories of happy moments in your life. When you feel upset or unhappy, open the box to connect to the joyful energy within.

Where to start?

Choose a nice box, not too small and not too big, or just take a shoe box and paint it in a nice color. Then choose some things that remind you of the happy moments in your life, for example:
– Pictures of people who you love and who love you; who always bring a smile to your face; or whose lives inspired you;
– Pictures of enjoyable events or great accomplishments like graduation photos;
– Poems, love letters, dried flowers, postal cards that remind you of joyful romantic moments;
– Tiny bottle(s) with uplifting essential oil(s) like bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, etc. You might keep a piece of fabric with few drops of essential oil on it to have a nice smell every time you open the box;
– Gemstones that amplify the energy of love (rose quartz), joy and happiness (orange colored crystals like carnelian, citrine);
– Scroll-like paper (burn the corners) with citation or affirmation about joy, like: “I am choosing to live my life in joy” (. We have discussed the power of “I AM” statements in this post.)

Be creative!! When you feel disconnected from the joy within, just open the box, breathe in the essential oils, go through your memories and remember why you put them in the box. You will find your way back to joy again! When you travel, take one piece from the box with you to keep you connected, and put it back when return.

*The message was based on Archangel Haniel teaching, you can find more info at Wings Alive website.

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