Silencing the Mind

It takes time and practice to get into complete stillness (more so in the mind than the body), so if you have thoughts popping up in your mind, consider the following:

  • ┬áDo not resist the thoughts, because it takes the energy and distract you even more. Just try to observe the thoughts and let them flow through you. Imagine the wind that blows it away from you, or the spring which takes it with its flow, or use a magic wand to take it out of your mind and put it somewhere else to think about it later.
  • Silently say several times the code 5 – 5,5 -5,1 to slow the thinking (see the post on using angelic codes to quiet the mind). Ask your angels, or your inner self (Innate), or your sole, or your spiritual guides to help you with going deep into the silence. They will be happy to guide you.
  • ┬áTrick your mind into being busy with something else like observing your breath, feeling the cold air that coming through your nostrils and warm air that is leaving out with each exhale.

In silence, you also might consider explore the connection with your soul by asking to show or let you feel the unconditional love, or belong to all knowing, or be one with the Universe and the Creator/ Source. There are so many options to explore!

Still point meditation does not mean that you cannot move at all. If you feel tension building up in any part of you body, consider moving very gently and slowly to release the tension instead of creating a painful and unpleasant experience.

Sometimes when you are in a very deep state of stillness and/or relaxation, your body might move or jerk uncontrollably. Do not feel scared of the sudden movement, it is just the energy flow that is releasing stagnant and blocked energy from your body.

And one more important thing: never, ever, criticize yourself or be upset with your meditation experience. Be positive, patient and grateful to yourself for taking steps in reaching to the true self and to the angelic realm.

And lastly, do not forget to say loving and caring words to yourself at the end of the ritual!

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