Should I really meditate every day?

Why to meditate every day, what’s in it for me, you ask? It’s not as if most of us go to the gym every day, so can you treat meditation just like every other part of your healthy lifestyle?

Let me bring analogy of brushing teeth every day. Each morning you brush your teeth and have fresh breath but as the day goes on, food and drinks stain your teeth and change a smell of the breath. I know how it feels by the end of the day, but  imagine forgetting to clean your teeth for several days? You create unhealthy environment, inviting gum disease and tooth decay.

Now, meditation is actually quite similar to this practice – it is essentially a practice of cleaning your energy every morning to start the day fresh, feeling joyful and blissful, ready to experience all the goodness the world has to offer.  As the day goes on, you walk into different energy fields and some of them can be “contaminated” with stress, fear, anger, depression,  etc, which “stain”your energy field. You forget or do not do a meditation for a several days and those dirty “stains” become bigger and start to create an unhealthy environment, inviting negative energy into your inner space.

Get the picture? So clean and reset your energy every day to grow spiritually and be your very best, so you can feel your very best!

Take one step a day to experience heaven here on earth!!!


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