Emotion of Devotion

..Or why you would want to invest in yourself daily.

Have you ever been frustrated that you have all that is supposed to bring happiness in your life: good job, money, family, children, but there is still something missing, something very important but you don’t know what it is? Have you asked yourself a question: is it all I came for in this life? I used to ask those questions frequently for many years but no longer because I know now that there is a bigger purpose in my life and I know how to start the day with feelings of joy, bliss, happiness: I start the day with meditation.

So, why meditate? Because it might change your life and bring you:

  • Happiness, joy, bliss
  • Peacefulness and tranquility
  • Understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Connection to your soul, spirit, Source/Creator
  • Answers to your questions

There is more: doing silent meditation EVERY day for 30 minutes or more will build up all those energy not in arithmetic but in exponential proportion.

And this is called DEVOTION. It starts with a firm intention that you have enough time in your life to devote to yourself, your personal growth- and you make it happen!

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