Meditation Altar

One of the ways to enhance your sacred space for meditation is to create a personal altar, somewhere to sit with yourself and reflect upon your personal and spiritual goals and beliefs. It can be large or small, set up in the corner or a small section of the room, in the garden, or any other special place where you can contemplate in quiet. The main purpose is to anchor, build up and expand the energy.

Choose different decoration elements for your altar relying on your intuition, the ones you find appealing or meaningful: silk or cotton scarves, rose petals, vases with fresh flowers or live plants, sculptures, decorative stands or boxes, incense, candles, gemstones and crystals, which help to enhance the awareness and connection to the angelic realm.

Some examples of crystals and gemstones and their associated healing properties are:

  • Amethyst – promotes an altered and receptive state of mind; enhances visualization
  • Carnelian – helps to quiet the mind and shift the focus to higher intentions
  • Clear quartz – brings mental clarity and activates all levels of consciousness
  • Labradorite – deepens meditative state and raises the consciousness levels
  • Lapiz Lazuli – enhances the awareness and deepens the meditation.

You also can write down affirmation(s) on an scroll-like piece of paper (create one by burning the corners of the paper).

If you are unsure what to write, I would suggest checking the  Angelic Toolbox section, filled with prayers and affirmation for every stage of your life.

Be creative, the possibilities are endless!!!

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