Angelic Numerical Codes

First time I was introduced to angelic numerical codes was by my massage therapist 10 years ago.
She shared with me several codes given by Archangel Haniel, transmitted by Memra (Audrey Cole).  I had never heard anything about this archangel and angelic codes, but when I tried them, I understood how unique and powerful they are.

I found AA Haniel’s teachings on the website and since that time I have been regular subscriber to her webcasts. It has become my “school” of spiritual growth, helping me move gracefully through the transition times.

So, how does a numerical code work?

Angelic codes are combination of numbers that have particular energy imprint, which makes the Merkabah, or star tetrahedron energy field, vibrate in particular manner to create a specific energy shift in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

It is a language that our bodies could understand instantly,

meaning it is a “short cut” to significant changes!

I am very fond of using numerical codes every day  and in my transition time. I personally found that combining codes and affirmations brings faster and more efficient results in removing blocks and old patterns, raising the awareness and vibrations.

There are so many codes that AA Haniel has given since 1997, and all are archived on the abovementioned website, so I could only touch the tip of the iceberg by sharing my favorite codes on this blog, with express persmission from  Haniel and Memra.
Even if you do not believe in numerology, try some of these codes and see if you can feel or experience their effect.

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