Code to Quiet the Mind

Another favorite code that I use every day in my meditations (along with the  silent meditation path ) is code 5 – 5,5 – 5,1 . Pronounced as “five” pause “five, five” pause ” five, one”. The code helps to slow down the thinking process and optimally quiet the mind. It was given by Archangel Haniel in her teachings, transmitted by Memra (Audrey Cole, on her website).

The code can be used in many situations, for example:

  • in the beginning of the meditation (outloud) or during meditation (silently) when you want to stop you mind chatting;
  • at night if you enable to go to sleep or wake up in the middle of night because your mind occupied with thoughts, worries, anxiety. So say first code 3 – 23 several times (more about grounding code here) and then 5 – 5,5 – 5,1 as many time as you need to slow down thinking and go back to sleep;
  • at work, if you find yourself unable to concentrate on a project because you are tired or worried about things outside the work. So again, say first code 3 – 23 (at least 3 times) and then 5 – 5,5 – 5,1 several times, breathing in-between; it will help to clear your mind from disturbance and concentrate on the task;
  • to get clarity as to why you experience pain, depression, anxiety, mood swings, you can go into silence in meditation, and ask questions like “Why I am having this experience? what is my learning about having it? what is  attached to it?” then say silently the code 5 – 5,5 – 5,1 several times and listen to an answer inside yourself. Trust to what you hear first and do not take the second guess!

There might be more situations where you can use the code depending on your experience and wiliness to try it.

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